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Kids Flower Birthday Cake

kids flower birthday cake

Cut sandwiches into flower shapes or make flower shaped biscuits. Face painting or Flower Tattoos For food, you can make delicious cupcakes and decorate them with frosting and fondant flowers. Play games such as Relay races with watering cans, Pin the Petal or Bee on the Flower.

Creative Birthday Cakes for Kids

If you haven't hired a party entertainer there are many fun things you can do to keep the kids entertained that fit in well with this theme, such as: Get Crafty - kids can decorate flower pots, or make paper bouquets. You can decorate the table with real petals as confetti or have a fresh flower bouquet centre piece. Lay out the party table with flower themed tableware. Try grouping together some coloured balloons to form a flower shape. You can also buy paper lanterns with a flower design which look great outdoors too.

Flower Birthday Cake Butterfly Flower Cake

Try making your own flower decorations using tissue or crepe paper and string them up to make flower chains which can be hung between trees, bushes or fences. This is sure to impress your party guests! Send out invitations with a flower theme or be creative and make your own with lots of art and craft materials. A Flower Garden Party: This is probably more tailored to girls than boys, but there is no reason why especially younger boys wouldn't enjoy this party theme too.

Flower Birthday Cake Ideas

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